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A resource sharing network for food business founders & leaders in the NW

We come to the group to learn from each other, share resources & collaborate.  

Together we are building vibrant businesses and a resilient, regenerative, regional food system.


The PNW F&B or "google group" is, at it's simplest, a google group. With over 700 members it has become a central communication point for regional food businesses. 

The group contains 3 years of rich data full of resources and answers to problems from if a trade show is worth investing in to ERP system recommendations to box suppliers. 

Each month I host Community Conversations and Office Hours to deepen the support and community connections. 

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PS, from my "HELP!" email I sent a few months ago, I have found investors/partners to keep my business running. So thank you soooo much for coordinating this email community! :)


I cannot fully describe how excited I was to discover this group.  It came on the heels of a lot of hard work as well as some big challenges during a time when I didn't feel like I was connected with other creators and entrepreneurs.  I consider it a privilege to be part of this community.


Sending my gratitude to you for all of the work you have done (and continue to do) to foster such a rich local community of makers.

It really is inspiring to see all of the people you've brought together in this past year. I feel extremely fortunate to be a part of it,

With gratitude,


First, I love this group. It has changed the way I move through the world and has given me hope in humanity. It's full of supportive people being vulnerable. generous and honest, something I have never experienced on a broad scale, ever. Thank you, Hannah and 500 of you at large.


I just wanted to drop you a line about how incredibly useful the PNW packaged Food & Bev Group is. I end up referring people to it all the time because it is a great searchable source for relevant and up to date information about all manner of things in addition to packaging and design.

Especially for my folks in rural areas it is amazing to have a resource to learn from. 


The PNW Food & Beverage group saved me over 40k on money not wasted on a trade show that got bad feedback in past threads of the group. Thank you.


PNW F&B: Testimonials


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My intention is to keep this group just as open and vibrant as it has always been. If you are new to the group, shoot me an email for a free navigation call! If you are a farmer, you get free access in gratitude for your tending of the land. If these plans prove to be a financial barrier to you, please reach out, there are several sponsored memberships available. All plans are monthly and auto-renew. Cancel anytime via site login. I am not able to process refunds. For organizations or businesses that would prefer an annual invoice, email me!

PNW F&B: PaidPlans


So much gratitude is extended to Market of Choice for Sponsoring the PNW F&B Community Conversations and monthly Office Hours. Their sponsorship allows the low monthly rate of membership for everyone.

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These regional organizations support regional food business development, are active members in the group and support business membership access via sponsored memberships

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PNW F&B: Clients
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Hannah in her leadership of the PNW F&B Community is active in launching the Retail Reuse Program with Bold Reuse, New Seasons and Waste Free Advocates

Bold Reuse helps companies incorporate reusable packaging into their business operations. By choosing reusable packaging, companies can reduce their waste emissions footprint while expanding brand awareness and customer loyalty. In partnership with New Seasons Market, Waste-Free Advocates, and Hannah Kullberg from the PNW Packaged Food & Beverage Group, Bold Reuse was awarded a grant through the Metro Investment and Innovation grant program to study the economic feasibility and environmental impacts of a reusable packaging system for retail food and beverage packaging. The grant project will run between August 2022 – February 2024. Over the next four months, we’re focused on outreach and onboarding manufacturing partners before launching the program in-stores beginning in early 2023. 

The long-term vision of this program is to reduce dependency on expensive, hard-to-source single-use products. 

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Creating a safe place to share and build trust is of utmost importance to me. As such:

  • This is a group for founders and leaders of food & beverage companies. We do not include (as wonderful as some of the individuals may be) investors, buyers or distributors.

  • There are a select few consultants and service providers. They have all shown me to be community-first minded. If you ever feel that you are being soliticted, please let me know. 

  • Please, please let me know if any other issues arise.


  • Reply-All Culture (within reason folk!!) Bottom-line let's make sure the information is accessible to future users!

  • Give more than you take! 

  • Pay it forward! 

HUGE SHOUT OUT to the community members who share their knowledge and resources freely, paving an easier way to future entrepreneurs -- you know who you are!! 


If you want to invite others to join they can apply with their email at THIS LINK - Who is missing from our community?! Feel free to also shoot me an email, I'll happily add folk or change your email address!


Simply send an email to - Note it might look like the email didn't go through, but if you pushed send, I assure you it did go through!

  • Please share resources, there are many new companies on this group! 

  • This is a safe place to email most questions, we are a welcoming, non-judgement crew.