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Hi! I’m Hannah. I am a dive deep - get immersed - type of person and business coach. This is one of the reasons I use the term holistic. I want to know your dreams and then help you achieve them. Not all businesses are the same nor should each grow the same way. I support you to create a business that is in resonance with your truth, your dreams and goals.

I also use the term holistic because I want the full you to show up. Are sleep issues getting in the way of your being your best self in business? Let me help you brainstorm some ways you can support yourself in your whole life so you can show up fully and presently for your business. Then let me help you stay accountable to that self-care!

If there is one thing, I have learned over the last 12 years of being an entrepreneur is if I am not feeling good - and also passionate about the work - it will take twice as long.

I help you to track and notice flow stops and investigate when blocks arise. Often, they are messages for us!

I offer Business Coaching that is connected to the cycles and rhythms of the earth, sky and your body. It's Biodynamic. I recognize that we are cyclical beings. We have highs and lows of the month, week, day. I take joy in learning your unique settings — and I take into account your astrological and human design charts. Get Ready!

My Superpowers

  • Connecting you to resources, solutions and people! I hold you, your business and your needs present with me as I move through the world, often attracting the opportunities or solutions my clients are seeking!

  • Sharing examples from my lived experience and all the businesses I have worked with over 12 plus years. I’ve seen things done many ways and love to open the portal of potentiality with real world examples.

  • Taking notes and making action plans live while talking with you!

  • Activation / Inspiration - helping people move through blocks

  • Helping you honor your body and your scared no’s — the reminder of taking space, making space, so we can work on what is most important and alive for our businesses.

  • Helping you identify your boundaries, your no’s while helping your stretch into yeses that feel expansive and exciting.

  • Holding space for moving through fear of rejection and transmuting the tendency to people please!

My Sweet Spot

Supporting CPG (Consumer packaged goods) businesses, notably those that mission driven and values based. I have also helped other entrepreneurs launch their businesses, so I am open if you feel called to working with me!


I am only working with a few clients that I am aligned with and believe I can support. Shoot me an email to learn more about the container and to see if I have space. 

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“You always steer me in the right direction” 

Julia Perretta

Light Mind Wellness

“I appreciate you more than I can express.
You are a brilliant wisdom keeper and share that with us in proactive way.  It is beautiful to be able to receive with grace and inclusivity.”

"I love Hannah! Working with her over these past three years has been on of the biggest blessings."

Sascha Archer

Sauvie Shrubs

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